His phrasing  is like that of a human singer, but with a power, agility  and range beyond any singer's capability; technique that treats the music as though it were happening spontaneously for the first time;  an acute awareness of overall form and a tone like a voice coming down from Heaven - voices, actually, because the clarinet has more than one.

Joe Mc Lellan of the Washington Post

Listen to some of Gervase's acclaimed recordings and discover or re-discover one of the world's foremost classical virtuosos. mHe has thrilled audiences for five decades with his distinctive and unparalleled performances of all of the most famous classical clarinet repertoire, as well as championing the music of numerous contemporary composers.

Throughout his career Gervase has met and performed with some legends of the musical world. mHere he shares some recollections of his friends and colleagues and gives an interview to 'The Clarinetist' magazine.



Gervase de Peyer